Darkness Kindled Teaser…


Darkness, Kindled (Fire Spirits #4)- Don’t read if you haven’t read previous books!
Out April 23rd 2013
    Because of their sudden secretiveness, the loud knock on the front door startled them. Ari pushed her senses out toward it. “Michael,” she whispered.
Jai squeezed her shoulder and left the kitchen. She and Trey exchanged slightly worried glances at the sound of murmured voices, their guilt over keeping this a secret from Michael making them conjure up the worst scenarios for the reason behind this surprise visit.
When Jai entered the kitchen followed by their Guild leader, Ari stood up and smiled naturally. “Morning, Michael.”
He smiled back at her but the expression didn’t reach his eyes. “Ari. Trey.” His gaze drifted back to Jai and then to Trey again. “I… uh… I’d like to have a word with you alone, Ari, if that’s okay.”
Right then, Ari didn’t want to be alone with him. In fact she couldn’t be. She was afraid anything she said might give her away. “Oh, you can say what you have to say in front of Jai and Trey. We’re family.”
Michael took a step toward her, his eyebrows drawn together in a deep frown. “Ari, please. I think we should speak alone.”
Her heart began to speed up, the rhythm of its beats growing steadily faster. “Okay, well now I really want them to stay.”
“Just tell me what’s wrong, Michael.”
Their Guild Leader sighed wearily. “Fine. Luca Bitar has been in contact.”
“My father?” Jai strode past him to stand between her and Michael. “What’s going on? What’s that got to do with Ari?”
Michael eyed Ari. “Are you sure you don’t want to speak alone?”
Her mind raced as she tried to think what this could possibly be about that Michael was concerned about her privacy. She couldn’t think of anything. “If it’s about Jai’s father he should hear it too.”
“It’s not about Luca. He was calling to warn me that his son David has been spreading rumors that you are, or at least once were, the Seal, and Yasmin Lenz has been corroborating those claims. Most Jinn don’t believe him but Luca wanted us to be aware in case it sends some inquisitive Jinn our way.”
The blood was now rushing in Ari’s ears as it suddenly dawned on her why Michael wanted to have this conversation in private. Because of David, and what he’d done. Clearly, Luca had found out from his son and had told Michael why David had been subjected to Ari’s command.
Oh hell. Ari’s eyes flew to Jai as he turned to her, confusion written all over his face. “How did David know what you were? Only Luca, Nicki, Yasmin and Tarik knew. And Yasmin couldn’t say anything about it.”
Ari shook her head, not sure how Jai would react to the information and fearing that it would dissolve his usual cool, calm collectedness. “Jai…”
“Ari?” He took a step toward her, his face dark, his eyes glittering with warning. “How did he know?”
She raised her hands defensively. “It was nothing, okay. It was nothing. I dealt with it.”
“Dealt with what?” he snapped.
 Can’t wait so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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